The Privacy Policy below describes what data LibertyStratus and Liberty Tech Force LLC ("the Company") collects from you, how we use your data, and how we handle it during your use of the LibertyStratus service ("the Service").

The What

We collect and use the following data from you:

Account information

Information related to your account, such as your name, the e-mail address you used to sign up to the Service and your username. We also store a hash of your password (but not your password itself).

Within the service, there is also space to store additional data, including your phone number, website, social media usernames, and other such information.

User-generated content

Due to the very design of the Service, LibertyStratus allows you to upload your own content to your own account. This can be documents, e-mails, digital photos, contact information, calendar entries, to do lists and many other pieces of data that can be uploaded or submitted into your account.

You are able to share and synchronize your content between your different devices using the desktop and mobile applications made available to you.

In order to provide you with this Service, the Company needs to store, process and transmit your content, as well as information related to your content.

Usage information

Unlike other services, the Service does not collect any data related to your usage of the system, beyond calculating the amount of storage space your content uses in order to inform you of your usage of the Service. The Company does not track any other information.

Device information

Some basic device information is collected in the normal course of using the Service. Information such as the IP address of the device, the browser or client, the operating system is typically collected. None of this information is actively tracked by the Company, and none of it is used to identify a particular user or account.

Most of this information is provided by your device, and you may be able to reduce the amount of information it provides.


Modern browsers and websites use and store cookies. Cookies are small snippets of information that are stored on your computer and typically designed to identify your computer to the Service. The Service mostly uses these cookies to keep you logged in, and to maintain some of your usage preferences.

In some limited cases, the Service may use a third party service which may store cookies.

Payment information

Neither the Service nor the Company collect payment information like credit card numbers. This is all performed by our card payment providers.

Cryptocurrency payments are processed by our cryptocurrency payments server, but operate exclusively with cryptocurrencies, and all information is stored in the blockchain.

Reasons for processing your data

We use the personal data outlined above to provide the Service to you in a secure and reliable manner. We collect the data for legitimate business needs, such as sending invoices or contacting you. We will not use your data for any purpose outside of legitimate business needs.

The Who

The Company or the Service may need to share certain information with others from time to time.

Third parties

The Service is hosted on third party infrastructure, systems and technology. As a normal part of operations your data is stored on our hosting provider's systems, while being completely controlled by the Company. These systems are governed by an agreement between the Company and our hosting provider, and in most cases our hosting provider does not have access to your data.

Additionally, payment information like credit cards is handled by our payments provider, which is certified to securely store payments information. The Company does not store any payment information.

Other users

Due to the design of the Service, users are able to share their information with other users of the system. The Company does not hold any responsibility for data shared between users. All data sharing between users is assumed to be mutually consensual.

Law enforcement

We may disclose your information to a law enforcement agency in order to comply with any law, regulation or legal process.

The How

How your data is collected, used, and how it can be removed.


When you sign up for an account, the Company retains this information in order to provide you with the Service and support for the Service. If you request to delete your account, your data will be deleted within 30 days.


Your data is secured through a variety of security methods. Files are encrypted, and your account can be set to use Two Factor Authentication to protect against secutiy threats, and of course TLS is used to encrypt your data between your devices and the Service.

User control

You can manage your data by logging into the Service, accessing, updated and deleting files, e-mails and other data, as well as requesting deletion of your account.

The Where

Currently, all data is stored in the United States of America. Please note that if you live in another country, by the Terms and Conditions you have agreed for the Company to store your data in the United States of America.

The Control

You have control over your personal data, how it is collected, and how it is used.

  1. Delete your data You can delete your files, e-mails, and other data. You can also request that you account be deleted.

  2. Change or correct your information You can change or correct your information by logging into the Service, and updating it in your profile.

  3. Access and remove your data You are free to download your data, and request a download of the information around your data. Again, you are free to delete your data and your account.

To submit a request for a copy of your data, please visit your profile page and click the button at the bottom of the page.

The Changes

We may change this policy from time to time, and will post the new version to this page. If there are any meaningful updates that affect your privacy, we will notify all account holders via e-mail.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.